Monday, May 14, 2007

Rick's furniture projects.

These are some of the items Rick has built in the last few years.
First, for no particular reason, is a blue cupboard with punched copper door. The long door was part of a built-in cupboard in our kitchen when we moved into this house. Rick took out that cupboard and built a new piece of furniture for the door.

This is one of a series of three similar tables - cherry candle stick table with drawer

We had a lumpy, old recliner - the kind that shows the imprint of the person who sits in it most. Rick liked the recliner part so he kept the mechanism and figured how to rebuild it with oak to make a Morris chair but a recliner. There was a period of time when parts of it covered the kitchen table and the living room floor while we tried to figure out the upholstering.

The fireplace mantle is a group project. Jay made a mold for the square tiles and I made the mold for the rectangles. Rick did all the oak work. The hearth is covered in matching tiles and someday the similar tiles will be installed in Staiger's house in Almond.

The Shaker Sewing Stand is a complicated piece of furniture because of all the drawers and the beadwork on the legs and the tapers. there are small drawers on the top - for threads - and three drawers that open toward the front and three more to open on the side. Two quilters would sit on either side and be able to reach their supplies while working. Similar pieces can be found in the Shaker Museum.

A child's sleigh...

The bottom drawer has a curved, copper bottom designed for flour or vegetables. Called a Sow Belly Cupboard, this is in our dining room. On top is a wooden stand with a carved window from a Chinese house in Singapore. Resin statues of some of the Chinese gods are displayed. There's also a Tro (Cambodian violin) that I carefully carried on every plane to get it home where the lack of humidity made it fall apart.