Monday, June 11, 2007

Emilie's Green Cupboard

We have a blue cupboard in our kitchen. It was inspired, in a sense by an old door that was on a built in cupboard in our house purchased in 1985 as well as a punched copper panel. Rick was going to make kitchen cupboards with these punched copper panels until he decided that it wasn't really fun punching all those holes. He took the old door and built a copper panel into a new door and built a cupboard around them. This is the model for a new cupboard for Emilie and Josh in Boston.

I had a post of this story with photos in order but somehow changed the order of the photos and now can't get them sorted out so I will just post them without text. The photos show a finished cupboard and then the steps toward creating a second one. The new one will go to Somerville and hold the items of cookware for Emilie and Josh's Conscious Kitchen.

The cupboard is made in sections, dry fitted and then glued with biscuits (wooden discs that swell with the liquid glue and hold the pieces firmly in place. The frame of the cupboard is poplar, panels are pine, the shelves are birch inside and the hinges came from old cupboards in our house. The striking step-out shelf is bird's eye maple and the punched panel is copper. It seems to take a forrest to make a cubpoard.

Everything is constructed in the downstairs workroom or the garage.

A set of photos including one of the finished hutch is on flickr and there must be a way to see it by clicking on those little images in the border to the right.


Emilie said...

Woo!! It's beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished piece!!

Elaine said...

What you really mean is that you can't wait to fill it up and get rid of the white cupboard that you've had since college days.

tippitappi said...

I want one too! It is lovely!