Sunday, February 14, 2010

South American Hotels

We stayed at 3 hotels on this trip. In Santiago it was Hotel Orly, a tiny hotel tucked into the center of town where there was tea, coffee, water, fruit and cookies all day long in a charming café on the main floor. We arrived too early for our room but we were offered breakfast and the chance to sit and rest in the lobby or common area before we went out into the Chilean heat. Overall it was a super hotel and I would recommend it to anyone.

In Valparaiso we stayed at Hostel Morgan, a small home maintained by a woman and her daughter. They gave us a find breakfast, good sightseeing advice. I would stay there anytime and happily since Valparaiso was wonderful to walk around. The public art was everywhere to find - like searching for Easter Eggs in the grass.

Third –and another winner- was Lola House in Buenos Aries. This is run by 2 sisters who hired their brother-in-law to do the renovations to turn an 1850s family home into a Spanish style house with a courtyard and wonderful tiles. The name is in honor of their brother-in-law’s mother, Dorothy. She was Spanish( Lola is the Spanish diminutive of Dorothy.) and so that dictated the style of the home with stained glass in the ceiling and over the doorway as well as intricate tile installations glazed to show Lola’s favorite paintings and designs.

Anna and Irena couldn’t be more gracious and welcoming hostesses. Breakfast is generous; internet is free and the air conditioners make the rooms more than comfortable. Someone is on hand to let guests in around the clock and the dogs guard the patio in the night.

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