Friday, April 17, 2015

Mother's Day in Scio NY

SCIO: As a child it always seemed to me that the best reason for my new Easter outfit was to ensure I’d be well-dressed on Mother's Day because Mother’s Day meant Grandma Anna Day – a drive out of the city to bring flowers and hand-drawn cards to the silver-haired, smiling, bundle of love at the center of our family.
Mother’s Day holds many such personalized meanings, meanings with an almost unimaginable range of activities and emotions since it is celebrated through much of the world. In Panama, Mother’s Day is on December 8 and also honors the Virgin Mary while in Thailand it is in August, on the birthday of Queen Sirikit who has reigned as long as Queen Elizabeth.
In Britain, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, families travel to their main cathedral for family reunions on Mothering Sunday.
Mother’s Day impact on the economy is huge. The average American spent $162.94 on Mother’s Day gifts in 2013.
A group of local crafts people and artisans would like you to know that you can spend less on a one-of-a-kind gift, carefully made by hand in Allegany County, much of it made with mothers in mind, by mothers.
On May 2, 3 and 9, from 9-4 at 4402 River Street near the traffic light in Scio (The old Mr. Frosty’s) four local studios will offer their work.
While some see wool as a winter only fabric, many know that quality wool is for year-round wear. Kellogg's Alpacas will have lightweight scarves, nuno felted scarves, fingerless gloves, felted flowers and hats, as well as flowery headbands for moms. 
For kids they’ve made teddy bears, crocheted animals, lightweight booties and spring hats. Work is made with hand dyed yarns and their natural colors. Some yarns are blended with silk; some with bamboo. They also offer soft woven rugs and rug yarn to make your own.
            American Heritage Artisans will have Infinity Scarves for mom as well as new items, Ruanas and Cocoon Wraps. These items are great for cool spring and summer weather and easily dress outfits up or down.
They will also have a great assortment of cutting boards, prints mounted in hand-crafted picture frames, home décor items such as mirrors with storage drawers and what-not shelves and gorgeous gardening baskets.  All of the home items, including a bench that was once a crib,  are upcycled wood, hand-crafted in Scio.
            Feel free to come hungry because the Torrey Family Jams and Bakery will be ready for you with homemade jams and jellies along with an assortment of mouth-watering baked goods. Come early because baked goods sell out quickly.
            Need a Mommy Vase? Maybe a Grandma Vase or a Sister Vase? That’s a handmade item with a story and gift wrap for $5. StoneFlowerPottery has been making Mommy Vases and more for decades. There will be mugs, bowls and spoon holders – all food safe and handmade.
            You might find some earrings to go with that new scarf. All the ear wires are high quality, nickel free from which will dangle objects that other people might never notice are beautiful in color or shape. Mostly one of a kind – colorful, pretty, interesting and surprising,.
            President Woodrow Wilson officially set aside the second Sunday in May in 1914 for the celebration of Mother’s Day in 1914 making this the 101st Mother’s Day in our county. The person most responsible for the holiday is Anna Jarvis who hoped that it would be a day of quite visiting between mothers and children.
If you choose to shop for Mother’s Day, for yourself or for any of the mothers in your life, consider stopping for a visit with your neighbors and shopping for handmade work. Bring your mother or your children and look at the enormous variety of locally made gifts. Open between 9-4 on Saturday May 2 and 9 and Sunday May 3.
Call 585-610-6769 or go to Facebook and search out StoneFlowerPottery or Handmade Holiday Shop for more information.


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