Saturday, March 8, 2014

Broken Calculator upcycled into earrings

Rick tried to throw away a calculator. First he took it apart and I found the pieces and then, well, then there were earrings. The first pair is on its way to Baton Rouge to Michaela because she's a mathematician and that seemed right.

These earrings are made from the broken calculator, scraps of wire, beads from an old necklace and brand new, handmade, niobium earwires because nobody is ever allergic to niobium.  My earrings sell for $11 per pair plus tax and or shipping or you can just stop by the studio and look.

At Hot Dog Day in Alfred, if the weather is friendly.
At the Annual Snowman Show on Mother’s Day Weekend at St. Philips’ Church Hall on Route 19 in Belmont, always at the Studio Tour in my studio on the weekend after Columbus Day and whenever you have time to stop by.

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