Saturday, March 8, 2014

Calling Miss Olive for Tea Time

One of my sculptural teapots will shortly steam to Chicago to be exhibited in the 25th Anniversary Teapot Show, "On The Road Again" curated by Joan Houlehen and hosted at Chiaroscuro at Watertower Place.

 Calling Miss Olive for Tea Time is rescued trash. The body of the piece is a olive pomace can from the kitchens of Arrowmont. While studying there I ate this not knowing the great distance between olive oil and olive pomace. Olives, cold pressed, release their flavorful oil leaving behind pulp. Pulp was once seen as appropriate hog food but now it is heated, dowsed with hexane and coaxed to release a secondary product - pomace oil.

The green of the can looked right with the green spout/hand that has moved from spot to spot in my studio for years. The phone, also green, was the perfect handle and again color called my eye to the watch with a red spangled band. The flower-buttons on the phone face are from a long, black and white dress I wore while teaching preschool. 

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