Sunday, December 7, 2014

Soda Can Door Wreath

There’s normally a large, aluminum can flower on our side door but I thought we should switch to red and green for December’s many holidays.
     The backing is sign board. We purchase scraps from a local sign company.
     I traced one of my 14 inch bats (I’m a potter and that’s one of the things I use to throw on the wheel.) I found the center of the circle and traced a jar there. The outside of the circle is cut with the band saw. Easy peasy if one remembers to apply and release the tension bar which I did.
     Cutting out the center requires the use of the drill press and the scroll saw and multiple occasions of clamping, cutting, unclamping, moving, clamping, cutting. No, I did not cut into the workbench. 0
      Lucky for me, my husband is a cabinet maker so there are tools of all kinds including an oscillating sander to finish off the inside and outside edges.
      I painted the back and edges and drilled and used pop rivets to attach a hanger so after all that the stuff that doesn’t show was ready.
      This project required 28 standard 12 ounce cans - so that’s finding and cleaning and cutting apart 28 cans of appropriate color, then cutting the shapes after I fiddled with newspaper ideas to see where and how to hide the staples.
      The actual stapling was the fastest and most fun part. Now I want a white and red wreath for February and a pastel wreath for spring. Then we can use the big green flower all summer again.

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