Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aluminum Can Flower Workshop

(Today is Feb 25 and we have one slot open for this workshop.)

For up to 15 participants, ages 15 and up
On February 26, from 6-9,
in the kitchen of the United Methodist Church,
Corner of Maple and Madison Streets in Wellsville.
Call 585-808-0385 Or email

Each participant MUST bring 8 to 15 clean, empty aluminum drink cans- iced tea, soda, whatever.  More are needed if they are the 12 ounce and fewer if they are 20 ounce size. 
Also, more cans mean more choices or fatter flowers so decide what to bring.

Bring your cans in a cardboard box so that the box can be used to hold the scraps of metal that you produce. This is for safety reasons.

No empty cans will be provided. Choose cans with colors that appeal to you.

If you like to wear work gloves or garden gloves, bring those but remember
you will need to be able to hold and use scissors.


1. Stapler – not a desk stapler but a construction stapler such as a craftsman stapler.
We will use 3/8” staples.

2. Tin snips or aviator snips or sharp scissors that you are willing to use to cut these aluminum cans.
(Joyce Chen scissors work well as do garden scissors and German Jeweler’s Shears. Generally any sharp scissors
will work but the blades will not do well with thread or fabric after this harsh treatment.)

$15 per person to cover the cost of the wooden base, the hanger,
pop rivets, staples and a donation to the Allegany Arts Association.

The Allegany Arts Association, 
the Allegany Artisans, 
the Wellsville Art Association and 
the Wellsville Creative Arts Center 
are all separate entities with different goals and missions. 
for more information.

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